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Why Do You Need RocketPush?

Reach on any device seamlessly

Effortlessly reach shoppers on various devices and browsers using web push notifications. These notifications provide cross-platform compatibility without requiring a mobile app, ensuring your message reaches a wider audience.

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Personalised Notifications

Enhance your promotional strategies and increase conversion rates by utilizing segmentation. This approach allows you to tailor your promotions to individual shoppers based on factors such as their location, purchase history, and browsing behavior.

Retarget browsers into buyers

Reconnect with potential customers using personalized notifications that gently remind them of the products they’ve shown interest in, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Boost your sales by leveraging attention-grabbing notifications.

Leverage the power of push notifications to skyrocket your sales. When employed effectively, these messages reach customers directly on their devices, even when they’re not browsing your website. Deliver timely and relevant messages that entice customers to make purchases.

Recover abandoned carts

Boost your sales and provide a helpful shopping experience by sending timely reminders to customers regarding their abandoned items in their carts.

Convert visitors into Buyers

By sending exclusive offers directly to shoppers’ devices, you can improve visibility and increase click-through rates, providing them with valuable deals they won’t want to miss

Target customers when it matters

Easily assess how well your campaigns and automated notifications are doing with comprehensive reports. Use these valuable insights to quickly fine-tune your strategies and achieve even better results.

Transform website visitors into dedicated subscribers to boost consistent site traffic

Visitors can easily sign up with just a few clicks! No personal information is required. Customize the sign-up page to captivate their attention and make the process seamless. Enjoy smooth sign-ups on any device with both two-step and one-click options. Plus, keep them hooked with push notifications featuring special deals and new products!

Build your subscriber list effortlessly, no need for them to share any personal information!

Visitors on your Shopify store allow push notifications to stay up-to-date on your latest news, deals, and promotions.

Your store’s visitors will now receive personalized notifications, ranging from friendly welcome messages to helpful reminders for abandoned carts, and exciting alerts about price drops on their favorite products.

When visitors get a push notification from your store, it inspires them to return, check out your products, and make a purchase. It’s a robust tool for ramping up customer engagement.

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Abandoned cart Recovery

Efficiently lower cart abandonment rates and boost your sales by sending gentle reminders to shoppers regarding the products they’ve left in their cart.

Price Drop Alert

Automatically send price drop notifications to your subscribers, enhancing the chances of them making a purchase when they spot a reduced price.

Flash Sale Notification

Notify your subscribers about flash sales effortlessly using automatic alerts. Limited-time offers can create a sense of urgency, encouraging them to make a quick purchase.

Welcome Notifications

Extend a warm and friendly welcome notification to greet your new subscribers, ensuring they feel valued right from the start of their journey on your store.

Scheduled Notifications

Connect directly with your shoppers through tailored push notifications, ensuring they stay updated on your newest products, sales, and promotions.

Pre-sale Notifications

Effortlessly track how well your push notifications are doing with smart reports. Get valuable insights into your reach, click rates, and what’s driving conversions, all to help you fine-tune your messaging strategy.

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Frequently asked questions

An impression refers to a push notification that has been delivered successfully. Any push notification that fails to reach a subscriber is not included in the impression count.

Certainly! Yes, we do not believe in limiting your creative options based on the plan you choose. With our Free Plan, you have the freedom to create abandoned cart notifications.

Yes. If you need to show more notification impressions than your monthly impressions quota, get in touch with us via [email protected] 

Absolutely yes! You can do it from the platform or just message us and we will get it done for you.

No. There are no setup fees or any other hidden charges.

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